DRSIP: Distance Restraints- and Cyclic Symmetry-Imposed Packing

DR-SIP contains tools and molecular docking protocols for predicting the quaternary structures of homo-oligomeric transmembrane proteins (HoTPs) by assuming the complex is cyclic (Cn) symmetric and filtering docking poses with experimentally measured distance restraints between the monomers in the complex.

The DR-SIP package contains 4 Python modules:

  1. drsip: Implements the molecular docking protocols. Current implementation accepts ZDOCK output files.
  2. zdock-parser: Parses ZDOCK output files, generates and returns the coordinates of poses without first writing to PDB files.
  3. docking-eval: Implements the CAPRI criteria to evaluate docking results with respect to a reference structure.
  4. drsip-common: Common functions used by the other modules.

If you’re using any of our packages please cite us.

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